How to Play Poker Books

Poker Strategy

Any professional poker player will make it clear that in game of poker, unlike other casino games, you do not rely on luck. The cards dealt will even themselves out in the end, and those walking away rich will be the skilled, not the lucky. There are a number of ways for a beginner poker player or ‘fish’ to rapidly improve their game. By understanding the basic poker tactics and applying the advice of the poker pros, a ‘fish’ will be able to develop into a card shark in no time.

The Best Poker Books

Firstly, it is crucial to read how to play poker books written by professional poker players to learn about the basic strategies for tournaments and cash games. On this site, we have reviewed the best poker books, written by the biggest names in the poker world, such as:

These indispensible books are must-reads for any player looking to improve their skills and will offer advice to beginners and seasoned players. We also have a section on beginner poker books, for those just getting started.

Play Online Poker

Online poker is quite different to the variety played in casinos and poker halls. Many more hands will be dealt per hour in online games, making it possible to win – or lose – more money in a shorter amount of time. At internet poker tables, it is also impossible to ‘read’ an opponent or stare them down as players are only represented by an avatar and nickname. To get accustomed to the world of online poker, why not open a free account and join in some ‘play’ money games? Reputable online casinos will always offer low-stakes tables, where it is possible to participate in the action and learn the ropes without doing any damage to your bank balance. Visit our section dealing with online poker for more information.