Advanced Poker Books

Poker BooksOn this page we take a look at two of the best advanced poker books currently on the market. This literature is recommended for intermediate and veteran players who are seeking that extra edge to improve on their poker strategies.

We suggest that players still learning the ropes should take a look at our other featured works or beginner poker tips.

Bob Ciaffone’s Improve your Poker

Bob ‘The Coach’ Ciaffone is an esteemed professional poker player, author and teacher who has won more than $230,000 in live tournaments. As a regular contributor to Card Player Magazine, he deals out a collection of his essays written over the years to bring advanced poker players a wealth of valuable information.

The anthology of articles that can be found in Bob Ciaffone’s Improve your Poker (1997) cover strategies for many poker variants: Texas Hold’em, Stud, High-Low Split and Omaha.

Seasoned players will find the sections on deception and bluffing , reading opponents as well as the advice on big pot play especially helpful. Strongly recommended by the 1995 World Champion, Dan Harrington, Improve Your Poker provides solid information and is an excellent addition to any poker library.

David Sklansky’s Hold’Em Poker for Advanced Players

Hold’Em Poker for Advanced Players, co-authored by the venerated Mason Malmuth and published by Two Plus Two, is an encyclopaedia of information for any experienced Texas Hold’em poker player facing skilled opponents.

Initially released in 1988 and then updated with more than 100 new pages in 2005, David Sklansky’s Hold’Em Poker for Advanced Players thoroughly covers all the important aspects of the complex game. Poker fundamentals such as semi-bluffing, free cards, pre-flop play, reading hands and inducing bluffs are given a comprehensive analysis.

Hold’Em Poker for Advanced Players takes a decidedly serious tone. Instead of amusing the reader with anecdotes, jokes and one-line solutions, the book’s focus lies on systematically and proficiently examining all the poker strategies you need to win, no matter what situation you might face at a Hold’em table.

If you have the discipline and time to study the complex subject matter discussed in Hold’Em Poker for Advanced Players, your game play will no doubt improve significantly. If Texas Hold’em is your strong suit, then make sure you get your hands on this gem.