Introduction to Online Poker

Internet Poker Rooms

So, you’ve read all the poker books and played in low-stakes poker games with your friends. What’s the next step? How do you start playing at online poker tables? Below we have listed some ideas and hints for new online players that will get you accustomed to internet poker rooms and help you save some money.

Play Money

Reputable online poker rooms will always offer play money tables to their clientele. This is an excellent way to get accustomed to online play, familiarise yourself with the software and hone your poker skills without wagering your hard earned cash.

Online Free-roll Tournaments

After registering with an online poker room, free-roll tournaments can be entered at no cost. These tournaments usually offer substantial cash prizes to top finishers. Naturally, these competitions are extremely popular with online gamblers. Make sure you sign up well in advance.

Free-rolls are also a good place for tournament players to refine their skills before participating in competitions with entry fees.

Starting Bonuses

Many reputable casinos offer bonuses to attract potential customers. This is a great way to add a few extra pounds to your new casino account.

Most starting bonuses necessitate a certain amount of raked hands to be played in order to claim the free money. Deposit bonuses mostly require the customer to deposit a minimum amount into their poker account, which the online poker room will then match, up to a certain amount.

Points Tournaments

Internet poker rooms reward loyal customers with points which can be used to enter exclusive points tournaments. Points are obtained by playing on real money tables. The higher the blinds, the more points earned per hand.

Low Stakes Tables

Unlike casino poker rooms, online poker sites feature tables with very low stakes – blinds can be as small as £0.02/0.04 for limit and no-limit games. Low stakes poker games are a sensible way to get your head accustomed to internet cash tables without risking too much money.