Lee Jones Winning Low Limit Hold’Em Book Review

About Lee Jones

  • Lee Jones is a columnist for Card Player Magazine and is seen as the authority on low stakes, limit poker.
  • Lee Jones is also a proficient table commentator for European Poker Tour tournaments as well as a former poker room manager.
  • Won two World Poker Tour titles, namely the Fifth Annual Jack Binion World Poker Open and the 2006 WPT Invitational at the Commerce Casino.
  • Lee Jones, along with James Kittock, a mathematician, created a reputable poker strategy called SAGE in 2006. SAGE, or Sit and Go Endgame System, is an extremely precise system for heads-up play with large blinds that can be employed with great success in poker tournaments.

Lee Jones Winning Low Limit Hold’em Book Review

Poker ChipsThe second edition of Winning Low Limit Hold’Em (2004) has been revised and lengthened since it was originally published in 1994. It is a comprehensive yet accessible strategy guide for amateur players. Lee Jones covers an array of important introductory topics such as betting basics, blinds, reading tells and the essential odds. Jones also thoroughly analyses hand strategies, explains check-raising.

Once you’ve work your way this book and feel confident with the elementary material, it would be a good idea to take a look at some of our advanced poker books.

What are the strong points of Lee Jones ’s Winning Low Limit Hold’em?

  • Successfully provides poker strategy for a specific audience, namely novice low limit Texas Hold’Em players.
  • An excellent starting point for any new and aspiring Texas Hold’Em player.
  • Winning Low Limit Hold’em Includes test questions, an index and a handy glossary.

Where does Lee Jones’ Winning Low Limit Hold’em fall short?

  • Winning Low Limit Hold’em seems to incorrectly assume that your opponents will not be very strong players.
  • Complex poker concepts appear oversimplified.
  • Lacks advanced poker theory.

Who will benefit from Lee Jones’s Winning Low Limit Hold’em?

Lee Jones’s Winning Low Limit Hold’em caters specifically to new and beginner players who are interested in learning basic strategy. As a foundational poker strategy book, Winning Low Limit Hold’em is unquestionably a powerful reference guide that will help to move you up to the next skill level.